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2021 Internship 

Guthrie County Health Services is accepting applications for its internship program we offer 1 paid internship and multiple unpaid internships each year. To be considered for an internship please fill out the employment application and submit a cover letter stating whether you are applying for the paid internship or unpaid, what field you would like to intern in i.e. Public Health Emergency Preparedness, Health promotion, Environmental Health etc.. and what you would like to gain our of your experience. 

Full time and Part Time Home Health AIDE/ Homemaker     $12.00- 16.00 

Guthrie County Health Services is accepting applications for home health aides to assist by performing duties in caring for clients at their place of residence; work under supervision of professional nurses; transport, bathe, and dress clients; comb hair, clean teeth, and care for nails; provide bedpans and urinals; make beds and feed clients; execute client assessment and care plans; provide for safety, comfort, and well-being of client.
The person holding this position is delegated the responsibility for carrying out the assigned duties and responsibilities in accordance with current existing federal and state regulations and established company policies and procedures.

Full time and Part  Time Home Health NURSE/ Public Health Nurse

$25+ depending on experience 

Guthrie County Health Services is accepting applications for home health/public health nurses. A Home Health Nurse is responsible for traveling to a patient’s home to administer their services and helping patients maintain their independence. Their duties include administering at-home IVs, changing dressings, cleaning wounds and updating Doctors about their patient’s health. Public health nurses devote themselves to the health and well-being of the communities they serve by educating them in beneficial health practices and disease prevention. They identify common health problems in the community while treating patients, and work to create intervention plans to correct or prevent the health and safety issues they discover.

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