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guthrie county

Environmental  Health Services


The Guthrie County Environmental Health Department provides a wide range of services to the residents of Guthrie County.

  • Well programs include testing, construction permits, plugging, and renovation.

  • Private sewage system programs include percolation tests to size systems, issuing permits for construction, inspecting installations, and answering questions for residents.

  • Water Testing

  • Radon Testing Program

  • Swimming pool, spa, tanning bed, and tattoo parlor inspections  

  • Inspection of septic tank/portable toilet pumpers

  • Time of Transfer Septic Inspections

  • Complaint investigation is also a function of this Dept. We receive and investigate complaints on animal neglect and abuse, dumping and other garbage issues, illegal burning, and animal bites.

Iowa law requires that all animal bites be investigated by this Dept. to follow up on proper care of the person bitten and to see that the animal is confined or vaccinations verified.

In Guthrie County the Sheriff’s Dept. is trained to handle livestock neglect and abuse cases.

***Burning and dumping issues are dealt with in conjunction with the Dept. of Natural Resources.***

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