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Our Rates 

Material                                                   Price      

Solid Waste -----------------------------------$65 per ton  

Construction/Demolition  -----------------$80 per ton    


Minimum Fee 200 lb. & under---$6.00


CRT’s (Computer Monitor’s & TV’s) ---- 19” screen size - $10.00

                                                                   over 19” screen - $15.00

                                                                         Large Screen over 37” 20.00

Tires ----------------------------------------------11 per pound



Antifreeze ---------------------------------------No Charge

Automotive Batteries ------------------------ No Charge

Brown Goods (Electronics) ------------------No Charge (Compute Hardrive, VCR, DVD, Printer)

Brush  -------------------------------------------- No Charge

Chemical Containers ------------------------- No Charge ---- TRIPLE RINCED

Fluorescent tubes ----------------------------- No Charge

Oil ------------------------------------------------- No Charge (NO Barrels)

Oil Filters ---------------------------------------- No Charge

Scrap Metal ------------------------------------- No Charge

Fridge, Freezer, Air conditioner, Dehumidifier $15.00 each

White Goods ---No Charge (except Freon Appliances) (care in handling) Do Not DROP                       

Yard Waste ------------------------------------- No Charge

Curbside Recyclable ------------------------- No Charge


         Includes: (boxboard, cardboard, household batteries,    

     Paper, tin, glass, plastic containers only #1 #2 #3, #5,#7

no plastic bags, no Styrofoam5

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