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recycling program

Residents have been recycling for over twenty years in the Guthrie County area. During this time, over 90,000 tons of materials have been collected from the curb or recycling drop boxes and have eventually ended up at the recycling center in Carroll.  At the recycling center, the materials are sorted, processed and sent to a mill or manufacturer where they are made into something "new."

It is very important that every resident in the area recycle the right way. Please remember to rinse all containers and put them in the bottom of your recycling bin. Do NOT mix paper products with your containers. If your materials are dirty or paper products are mixed with containers, or materials are included which are not part of the recycling program, your local hauler will be forced to treat materials in the bin as trash or will not be able to collect it. Don't waste your time and effort ... Do it right!!!

What We Accept 

Newspapers, Office Paper, Magazines, Catalogs, and Boxboard

Newspapers, including all inserts, phone books, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, office paper and boxboard containers, such as cereal boxes, gift boxes, and shoe boxes.

NO Hardcover books, fax paper, wax paper, tissue paper and wood products are accepted.


New newspapers, magazines, office paper and other grades of paper

Plastic Jugs

Clear and colored plastic containers with a 1 through 7 recycling symbol. Examples include milk jugs, soft drink and juice bottles, detergent and bleach bottles.

NO plastic bags, Styrofoam products, toys, flower pots, waste baskets, laundry baskets or Tupperware type products are accepted.


4' X 8' sheets of plastic lumber, bird feeders, t-shirts, sweatshirts, picnic tables, park benches, and playground equipment


NO waxed paper, milk cartons, pizza boxes and dirty cardboard boxes are accepted


New cardboard boxes

Glass Jars and Bottles


All food and beverage jars and bottles, including all colors of glass. Examples include soft drink, juice, beer and wine bottles, spaghetti sauce, baby food, pickle, and mayonnaise jars.

NO mirrors, window glass, drinking glass, plates, pottery, ceramics, and light bulbs are accepted.


New Glass Jars and Bottles


All aluminum foil containers, tin food and beverage cans. Examples include aluminum or crumpled foil, foil pie plates, juice cans, canned fruit and vegetable cans.

NO metal pots and pans, kitchen appliances, furniture, furnace filters and aluminum siding are accepted


New Cans


There is no charge to bring metal to the Transfer Station. We have a large pile at most times that contains everything from metal posts, to eave troughs, to lawnmowers, to metal garbage cans, to car parts, and the list goes on and on

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